Photos VillaBali Villa vakantiehuis for rent

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    To get an impression of our holiday villa in Bali, see the pictures here.

    Here we give an impression of our Bali Villa Shanti and tropical garden. Impressions of the house itself near the Bali Sea, but also of the view from the house. The views to the rice fields, mountain views and the nature of the Bratan Bali Barat. What we unfortunately can not display are the different smells, the temparature and the cacophony of sounds of North Bali. The murmur of the sea, the singing of crickets and the scent of frangipani. The stars at the sky and the lights of the fishermen at sea.

    Photos AreaBali Villa te huur for rent

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    These are private photos of Lovina area.

    Photos from the vicinity of North Bali and Lovina. A piece originally Bali, undiscovered and full of hidden waterfalls. Unique for those who love nature, like diving or snorkeling in Bali, love to walk through the rice fields or kampungs, for who is curious of the culture of the authentic Bali, with its ceremonies and Hindu faith. A perfect place to unwind, but also a good base for exploring the real Bali.

    More information about activities and what to do in Lovina and North Bali can be found under the button F.A.Q.

    Photos BaliBali Villa te huur for rent

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    Impressions of Bali, a tropical island paradise with various activities and attractions.

    Colorful with all its ceremonies, with all its water sports like surfing, diving, snorkeling to river rafting. Cultural with its thousands of temples. For nature lovers a great place for the tropical jungle to discover or the impressive volcanoes to climb. For young people there are amusement parks, zoos and waterbompark. For those who love shopping, Bali also offers a variety of options as local markets with handicrafts to designer clothes in the south. Not to mention the amount of art, paintings and sculptures.

    Photos Building FaseBali Villa te huur for rent

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    These are pictures of the villa under construction. From an empty lot into a paradise in half year time.

    The design of the villa is inspired by the form of Balinese rice houses, combined with western comfort.

    It is impressive to see how everything is built by hand. Bamboo as scaffolding poles, level with a water hose and very, very much manpower.

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