• Bali Villa 6-8 personen vakantiehuis te huur, for rent

The paradisical tropical garden of 3000 m2 accommodates a variety of exotic trees, plants and flowers. Ponds with lotus flowers in white and pink, waterhyachints and lilies, in between tropical fish swims in different colors.

The entrance of the garden is through a carved wood door in Timor style. Where the vanilla climbs up trees, hibiscus and many ferns adorn this garden. Much attention has been paid to the exotic fruit. In addition to 6 different mango trees, banana trees, coconut palms are found here starfruit, dragon fruit and great plains of lemon grass. Try a pineapple from the garden or taste the flavor of fresh coconut. A walk through the garden is a journey of discovery.

Life in Bali takes place mostly outside. The tropical climate ensures that the doors remain open and the guests of Villa Shanti look for shady places at the terraces. Outside at the pool there’s a lounge set in the shadow of the coral tree.

Under the balcony is the dining table. By opening the carved wooden door, the wind has free play and creates a cooling breeze.

For sun lovers there are 4 sunbeds ready. 2 At the beach and 2 at the terrace. Also in the shade, but for the real enthusiasts to be put in the sun again.

At the sea the Timor House has a porch in the shade of a Singapore tree with a seat. A unique place to to follow the live of the local beach, reading a book or just doing nothing at all.

The pool is a very large 18×6 meter infinity pool, very suitable to swim laps.

The dept is 1.20, 1.60 and 2.20. There’s a wall in the pool where you can sit and in the front of the pool you can stand and enjoy the view over the garden and sea.

The four sculptures spraying water into the pool.

At the beach there’s a wooden Timor style cottage where you can have a massage. A seat is situated in the shade on the balcony of this house and offers a beautiful view of the sea. A refreshing ocean breeze provides cooling. Ask the staff for a fresh juice and enjoy the sunset. If you want a massage, tell the staff.

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