We had a wonderful week at Villa Shanti!The gorgeous house and garden with a private walking path to the beach!.
Ketut and Ita are great ladies, very friendly and helpful and delicious cooks!. Green pancakes are a must to try! Also the fried prawns, chicken dish, fish dishes and veggies are out of this world.
They put us in touch with Made Arrow Dive. A private boat for 5 of us for diving and snorkeling at Menjangan Island. Buddha was the dive instructor, great guy, for the snorkeling our guide was Putu, who was wonderful.

Ketut also put us in contact with a different Made who took us out for dolphin watching. He is the guy you want if our plan to do this. Nice sized boat where the 5 of us could move around. The other boats out there people sat one behind the other with life jackets. They looked like a scene of the Titanic. We looked at a lot less touristic. Made had a fantastic local breakfast for us and tea and coffee on board and fresh fruit. We stayed long after the other boats and saw lots of dolphins and fish. Then we went snorkeling at an other location and went to his house on the beach where we had a great local home cooked meal. really a worthwhile experience.

Ketut also arrange some ladies for massage here at the villa. Also a real must to do.
We also rented scooters and went a day of touring. The Buddhist temple, the hot springs and just took some small roads up into the mountains. Real gorgeous area to drive around. Spent the rest of our time here enjoying the peace and quiet of the villa, around the pool, or in the hammock. Total Paradise. Even when it is raining. The villa is a real Paradise. This villa gets ***** 5 stars and truly deserves it!